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Klaus Drechsler

TUM, Professor

Bullet points

TITLE : From applied science to composite industrialization

Haksung Kim

Hanyang University, Professor

Bullet points
- Automobile light weight fiber reinforced composite components
- Progressive failure modelling of composites
- Combined thermo-forming/structural analysis technique of composites

TITLE : Design and manufacture of automobile composite structures using finite element analysis based on multiscale mechanics

Guido Link

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Senior Scientist

Bullet points
- Microwave technology
- Energy efficiency
- Time saving

TITLE : Microwave technology and it's potentials in fiber composite processing

Knut Wuhler

Eckert Schulen AG, Regional Director

Bullet points
- Vocational Training
- Dual VET Pilot in South Korea
- Dual Training for Carbon Composites Industry

TITLE : Highly specialized vocational training - The german way to the future of composites

Gary Rubin

2D Materials, CEO

Bullet points
- Graphene
- Composite
- High quality

TITLE : High Quality Graphene to Industrial Applications

Georg Lonsdorfer

Composite Technology Center (CTC), Senior Technology Manager

Bullet points
- Aircraft construction
- Fiber Composite Technology

TITLE : The development and the significance of fiber composite technologies in modern aircraft construction

Franck Bourcier

Loiretech, Marketing Director

Bullet points
- Innovative composite propeller
- Fuel savings
- Noice reduction

TITLE : FABHELI - Composite Propeller

Shunsuke Sakai

Nippon Graphite Fiber Corporation, Manager

Bullet points
- Thermal solution for high-powered and smaller electronics components
- High thermal conductive fiber from Pitch base
- Light weight and stiff materials for thermal management

TITLE : Thermal solution with Pitch based high thermal conductive fibers

Vincent Perchenet

Epsilon Composite, Representative Director

Bullet points
- Carbon for wind blade
- Carbon for elevator rope
- Carbon for energy cables

TITLE : Sky high to deep sea: spoolable carbon fiber pultrusion reaches peaks

Rich Grzanka

Anguil Environmental Systems, Vice President

Bullet points
- Air Pollution Control Techniques for Carbon Fiber
- Reduce the Cost of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
- Lowering the Carbon Footprint from Carbon Fiber Processing

TITLE : Emission Control Technologies for Carbon Fiber Processing

Frazer Barnes

ELG Carbon Fibre, Director

Bullet points
- Recycling
- Recycled CF applications
- High volume markets

TITLE : Advances in Recycled Carbon Fibre for High Volume Electronic and Transportation Applications

Philippe Sanial

Chomarat, R&T(Research&Technology) Director

Bullet points
- UD carbon fabrics with special stitching technology to enable spar cap thick infusions
- UD carbon fabrics tailored to specific methods of manufacturing
- Unbalanced glass and carbon NCF, shallow angles and thin plies to balance stiffness and strength of wind blade

TITLE : Innovative solutions for lighter and longer wind turbine blade

Jiyoung Hwang

KCTECH, Principal Researcher

Bullet points
- Flexible, stretchable and electrical conductive composite materials
- Simple and cost-effective fabrication method
- Wearable healthcare monitoring system

TITLE : Improving Electrical Conductivity and Elasticity of Carbon Composites for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics