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Dr. James Kingston
Product Line Manager, Matrix Composites & Engineering
Bullet points
- Carbon composites have low/zero CLTE
- SPS foams can be cast to net shape
- Avoids complexity of pyrolysed billets
Title : Carbon Foams via Single Phase Syntactics (SPS)
Dr. Andreas Erber
Director Lightweight and Application Center, SGL Group
Bullet points
- Material toolboxes and related process chains
- Design approaches to address mass production scenarios
- Next generation automation technologies
Title : Composite material technologies to cope with high volume production
Dr. Dong Hoon Kang
Sales Manager, Hennecke GmbH
Bullet points
A fully automated process, enabling high-volume, lightweight production complex shaped hollow CF/GF components is now attainable. In addition, the efficiency of the braiding process and the recyclability of the binder system make this a low scrap, eco-friendly process. This technology can extended product portfolio for new composite applications for all industries.
Title : Hollow HP-RTM carbon fiber parts
Dr. Chong Soo Park
Vice Chairman, Kukdo Chemical
Bullet points
- Fast curing epoxy system
- High Tg epoxy system
Title : High performance epoxy systems for mass production of composites
Dr. Seong Hee Kim
Professor, Jungwon University
Bullet points
- Overview of Science Art
- Carbon meets Art for creativity
- Introduction of Carbon Artist Seong Hee Kim
Title : Carbon Art
Dr. Haichao Huang
The General Manager Secretary, Weihai Guangwei Composties
Bullet points
- Chinese carbon fiber
- Production situation
- Usage
Title : Technology Development Trends and Applications of CF in China
Dr. Philip Curzon
Deputy General Manager & Head of the Office of Airworthiness, ANH Structure
Bullet points
Fully automated analysis software for major failure modes of composite structures:
- Plain strength (in-plain failure)
- Corner unfolding (delamination)
- Sandwich panel (core crushing, skin wrinkling & dimpling, crimping and etc.)
- Bolted joint strength (pure bearing, bearing/bypass, pull-through and etc.)
Title : Development of Composite Structural Analysis Software, RACOMS
Dr. Laurent Poisson
Sales Area Manager, PEI

Bullet points
- Press ECS presentation.
- Short stroke Press Advantage
- Press ECS in C RTM Parts production
- Press ECS in QSP line production
- Press ECS in Multi-process for Laboratory equipment
- Press ECS for SMC
Title : ECS Press for C-RTM and multi-application
Dr. Helge Haberken
Technical Marketing Asia, Saertex
Bullet points
- Aspects that need to be considered to develop and optimize reinforcements for composite automotive parts
- Recently provided reinforcement solutions
Title : Carbo solution for composite automotive application
Dr. Byung Sun Hwang
Research fellow, Hankuk Carbon
Bullet points
- Characterization of carbon composites processing
- Development of a rapid cure carbon prepreg
- Prepreg compression molding of an automotive carbon roof panel
Title : Development of a carbon roof panel using a prepreg compression molding(PCM) material
Dr. David Prono
Composites product manager, ESI
Bullet points
- Short cycle time Resin Transfer Molding for mass production
- Lightweight structural parts for automotive and aeronautical
- Micro and meso-scale mechanism influencing resin flow and polymerization
Title : On-line mixing high speed RTM process simulation for Automotive mass production of carbon fiber reinforced structural components
Dr. Toru Inoue
Lightweight and Composite Expert, L&L Products
Bullet points
Lightweight by composite solution and dissimilar material bonding solution
Title : Carbon Fiber and Composite Technologies Contribution to Automotive
Dr. Justin Jin
CEO, AXIA Materials

Bullet points
- An organosheet by in-situ polymerization process based on self-developed matrix resin and process
- Maximum width of 3.0m with continuous roll form
- Composite Structural Insulated Panel(C-SIP) for building industry
Title : Thermoplastic composites for building industries – The example of Pixel Haus®
Dr. Se Ho Cho
Senior Researcher, GEO-Nation
Bullet points
- Joining Technology between metal and matrix
- High Bonding strength and Sealing Performance
- Adhesive-free construction
Title : Binderless Metal to Resin Joining Technology
Dr. Ricardo Oliveira
Professor, 2DM
Bullet points
The main goal of the presentation is to outline the biggest challenges of automotive industry and show how graphene composites can be applied
Title : Innovative graphene composites for automotive industry
Dr. Francisco De Oliveira
Automotive Market Manager, Chomarat
Bullet points
- Improving surface appearance using RTM
- Impact of C-PLY construction
- Impact of layering NCFs
Title : The Effects of Textile Structure on Class A Painted Body Panels
Dr. Kyu Soon Park
Director, KCTECH
Bullet points
- Infrastructure of Korean Carbon Valley
- Overview of R&D including international collaboration
- Introduction of KCTECH
Title : Korean Carbon Valley and R&D activities

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